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Check out this awesome tutorial : It was an epic day of fun and sun. Had the pleasure of fishing with the Wildwood (Craig Wood) today at Lake Del Valle in Livermore, CA. The fishing was great and the catching awesome with limits brought home for the dinner table. I might add the trout were very tasty as my wife cook up a nice meal and shared some with friends. We were using Berkley sparkle chartreuse Power Bait with Shelton self releasing hook and TadPole?. We fished in several areas including the narrows, and the two large bays. We had most action by pulling boat up on points and fishing from the back of the boat. We arrive at dawn and were off the water by noon. Tofind out how the amazing self releasing hook works and to see the animation of release action go to To find out more about my advanced fishing invention go to To see my video movie theater with a incredible list of how to and action fishing video go to http To see a video of the TadPole snagless weights go to There were two hook mortality study done with them in the Eastern Sierras and sponsored by US Forest service and local business men in Mono and Inyo Counties that proof the mortality rate was equal to or less than fly fishing mortality. Since you aren’t breaking off hooks in fish and with the TadPole snagless weights, not breaking off in rocks, you get in more fishing time because you are not down re-rigging so that gives you more time with your bait in the water and 2011
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