– Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Wireframing Techniques

Isn’t it time you took charge of your business’s marketing? .

Watch Jose & Aure work, as they demonstrate various wireframing techniques as they break down the ThisWeekIn website.

00:50 Introductions and the show tagline. Business, Technology, Marketing, and Design versus Watch Us Work
01:20 Welcome Sherryl Anderson, our first Executive Producer!
2:45 Announcing a new Groop Skool event
07:00 When woking on wireframes do you manipulate one concept and iterate, or do you start with multiple concepts and assemble elements from the various ideas?
07:48 Redesigning art Center College of Design’s site
09:00 Designing with “the Wedge” in mind
09:31 How do you integrate graphics direction while wireframing?
10:33 Do you begin with a set of templates when wireframing?
12:35 Have you considered using InDesign for web layouts?
14:25 Do you user-test wireframe sketches?
17:37 When do you bring in your clients for wireframe reviews?
19:28 The importance of insurance for designers
25:35 Aure demonstrates Illustrator for wireframing
27:00 Sketching out the ThisWeekIn ecosystem
29:00 Discovering the need for a viewer Assessment tool within the ThisWeekIn website
33:55 Brainstorming methods for assessing viewers needs
39:40 Jose references back to the Workbook to remind the client of the brand attributes
42:13 Creating user profiles that matter
46:44 Jose reinforces the strategy of always referencing the Workbook to guide planning with the client
49:45 Designing the show page
56:00 Looking at the wireframe from the perspective of our user profiles
58:12 Managing client’s expectations

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