Scaling the Semantic Web

Isn’t it time you took charge of your business’s marketing? .

+David Amerland +Mark Traphagen and I are looking forward to discussing the rapid advances in semantic search. Google, Siri, and Cortana are all making advances, but Google is the clear leader in this space.

Here is the YouTube link: 

+Stone Temple Consulting has documented that in a study that will publish in the Digital Marketing Excellence Blog on Tuesday morning.  David is about to publish a post on a “reconciliation of identities across different social networks”.

Join us on Tuesday October 7th at 1 PM ET to talk about these new papers and more.  Say YES to get access to the video for live or later viewing.  I will also share the YouTube link here for mobile viewers.

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Time Stamps for this show are as follows:
0:05- Intro to the show
1:33- Recapping Dave Besbris Interview
3:00- Summarizing Voice Study done by Stone Temple Consulting
6:10- Two Ideas Behind Semantic Search: Quality of the Program and Data used to Train It
8:40- Google’s Access to Massive Amount of Data
11:43- Why Google has such a Big Lead on other Search Engines
19:00- Demo of Sequence Queries to show Google’s Sophisticated Linguistic Capabilities
23:13- Importance of Entities to Semantic Search
26:28- How does the Query Demo play into the Knowledge Graph?
29:00- Facebook’s Potential to enter Search Engine Market
31:08- Elaborating on Current Role of Google+ within Google Search
39:44- Where do you see Google in 2015?
41:15- Expected Advancements in Semantic Search
46:40- Need to Establish more Confidence for Lesser Known Entities
52:06- Google Query Demo using Mark Traphagen
54:42- How does Google USE Semantic Search?
55:14- Youtube’s 5 Star Rating Found to be Useless
55:55- Do we Really Want Google to Provide our Character Reference?
57:59- Importance of Understanding Natural Language
59:25- Closing Remarks from David Amerland
1:00:05- Closing Advice from Mark Traphagen
1:01:20- Closing Advice from Eric Enge