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Should you be searching for the best video production company locally (Croydon, Surrey) with knowledge and skill to market your business and position you as the expert.

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When selecting the best video production company, your should consider their particlular specialism.
Our Video Production Company specializes in producing business promotional videos in the form of local expert interviews, kinteic text and explainer videos. We have professional experience in creating Branded Review Commercial Videos, as well as Explainer, Kinetic Text and Animated Videos. Consider this when looking for the best video production company: Using a video production company can save you both time and money while delivering the maximum impact on your target audiences in variety of communication platforms (mobile web design, showreel video production, music video, twitter video etc,).

Being in London and Croydon Surrey in the UK, 1st Reputation is well positioned to meet the changing corporate video marketing landscape. Your audience is mobile hence making a marketing or promotional video is more about impressing people on iPhones and iPads than PCs or laptops. We can help you with the filming, editing, graphics, voice-over or animation of your company message while making easily accessible mobile devices.

With the constantly changing marketpace, Review sites have quickly become a major player in driving new and repeat customers to your doostep. Knowing what they are saying will give you a huge advantage in the sucess of your local business.
Today’s expert will help to develop a strategy to earn your business a 5 star reputation.I get asked the question, what’s the biggest problem I see on how local businesses use online marketing.
The problem is that its difficult for local businesses now to make any money online if they don’t know how to build their online reputation and then leverage this power to get more customers. For example, did you know that 79% of people go online to find information about a company before they decide to call or visit them? That’s an absolutely staggering figure and it’s growing daily, what, with everyone owning a mobile phone or tablet these days, we shouldn’t be surprised. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult if you’ve got the right strategy. Amazon, Trip Advisor have set the new standard for businesses to be successful online, and it is all in the ratings and review system. If a company achieves a 5 star rating and their clients have provided great feedback online about the incredible experience they have had, this can only help to gain more customers. On the opposite site of the spectrum, if a company has received bad reviews from their customers and they have a one star, two star or three star rating, they are exposed and the more likely a potential client will take their business to a competition. Let’s face it, would you buy from a business that has poor ratings and customer reviews online? But Google has now set things up so businesses are quite literally naked online and everyone can their ratings, good and bad or even no reputation.

So, how does a local business leverage the power of Online Reputation?

Firstly, set up your business properly on Google so you can be found by the search engines, there is lots of information on You Tube and books to show you how it should be done. Don’t just focus on having a nice website, what do people see when they google the name and city of your business?

Second, ensure that they monitor their competition daily. Check your competitions ratings and reviews and also check your own to see how you measure up to your competition.

My last tip to put in place a robust system to ensure that they encourage referrals from customers that have used their business and encourage their best customers to post that testimonial on Google, their top local directories where they need to be seen, and their social media such as Facebook and Linkedin. It’s important that this is consistent because customers need to see current reviews and not ones froma a year ago! Video and post it on You Tube if you can! Google loves video’s and ranks them very highly now.

Our expertise is reputation management and marketing and we focus on helping local businesses that want to be market their business online and crush their competition how to build a 5 star reputation