JSON LD Making every object matter in Semantic Web by Janardan Revuru @jQueryConf 2015

Isn’t it time you took charge of your business’s marketing? .

Linked-Data is the first step towards Semantic web, where it is no more about documents and markup. It is about things and relation between them. Though the concept of Semantic web existed for long, the developers are still grappling with right usage. The two issues of data representation and visual presentation for user consumption persisted. With the evolution of user interfaces, metaphor that proved its worthiness is the ‘Cards design’. This is used by Google in Google+, Google Now and Pinterest interface. The same interface can scale down to miniature devices like watches. You can build applications with cards metaphor and using linked data for rich user experience.

This talk explains how to utilize the vast amount of open linked data and build simple, yet powerful applications.

Conference: http://jqueryconf.in/

More details: http://confengine.com/jquery-conf-2015/proposal/1189