Back to Basics — The Semantic Web

Isn’t it time you took charge of your business’s marketing? .

Back to Basics will be a series of presentations and snippets for getting started with web technologies. The Semantic Web is about understanding what the needs are of properly marking up your HTML to suite the content, what tags are likely the most relevant for YOU to use, and as well a quick note on what not to do.

Along with this Semantic Web talk, there were 2 others in the same event on CSS. I will be cleaning up the audio for those and be posting them over the course of the next week.

For the Back to Basics series, if there is a talk, example, or technology you’d like to see, please submit it through our plethora of social media platforms or in the comments below. We’re always looking to add content on here for you to learn from. If you’ve got an idea or a need, it is likely that somebody else does to. This is your community, be a part of it and become engaged.

Just a mention about the audio (again), this was our first attempt at streaming on YouTube for the event. As such, we needed to pass the audio through a secondary application for the authentication which was apparently receiving the audio from a different microphone. It is far better than the last few but noticeable that it is not the correct one. Until this is solved, we will be going back to streaming. An example of what our setup should sound like can be found over on AngularJS Toronto’s account: